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Pets to Bring into Iceland

Contact your veterinarian and make sure you understand the requirements regarding vaccinations, blood tests, etc, and especially the time limits (eg a certain number of days has to pass from the vaccinations until the dog/cat is allowed to enter Iceland). In general, Iceland has a shorter quarantine period but stricter paperwork requirements. Keflavík Airport is the only approved airport of entry for pets.

The pet must be at least five months old when it is imported to Iceland. This condition only applies to rabies-free countries (Australia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Great Britain, Hawaii, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand,
Norway, Sweden). Pets exported from countries with rabies can not be younger than seven months old if they are vaccinated against rabies at the age of three months.

Make a reservation for the pet at a quarantine station. There might be a long waiting list (2-3 months), so make sure you book a space well in advance.

Mark the pet with a microchip that complies with FECAVA or ISO standards before it is examined for health purposes, vaccinated, has samples taken from, or is treated. Have the pet vaccinated agains rabies (if the country of export is not rabies-free).

Have the pet blood tested and the rabies antibody titre measured – at least 30 days after the pet was vaccinated (if the country of export is not rabies-free). 30 days must pass from the date of the last vaccination until the pet is imported.

Examinations must be completed within the last 30 days before importation. Do be aware that it may take a few days/weeks to get the test results so plan the necessary examinations with your veterinarian.

Health examination and treatment for parasites, must be completed within the last 10 days befor importation. The blank form for the Certificate of Health and Origin, issued by the Chief Veterinary Officer, is the only certificate that will be accepted.

As for the transport kennel, it must be large enough so that the pet is able to stand up, lie down and turn around in it; it must be made of durable material that is easy to wash and disinfect and must have openings for ventilation and for the pet to be able to see outside. Wooden cages ar not allowed, unless in special circumstances and they will be destroyed upon arrival to the quarantine station.

Five days prior to the estimated arrival date of the pet to Iceland, fax all required certificates to the Chief Veterinary Office for approval (fax: (+354) 552-1160). Make sure that the certificates are correctly completed. Do not forget the date and time of arrival and flight number.

The following documents (originals) must accompany the pet to Iceland:

  • import permit;
  • Certificate of Health and Origin (and laboratory certificates and certificate of  evaluation of temperament, if applicable);
  • a purchase receipt for the pet if the importer has owned it for less then 12 months.




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